Blueberry Growing Guide

So You Want To Grow Blueberries In Your Own Backyard?

Blueberries are an attractive addition to any garden particularly when flowering with the delicate bell shaped white or light pink buds giving off a sweet smelling aroma – this attracts the bees that help pollination. The plants are quite easy to maintain and can be grown in the ground or kept in pots.

When the fruit develops it changes from green to pink to blue and then leaves vibrant foliage of dark greens, oranges and reds (depending on the variety) after harvest. Besides birds, blueberry bushes are seldom bothered by pests and provide a sweet fruit packed with antioxidants creating many health benefits!

The bushes are free standing, requiring no stakes and need to be spaced around 1 meter apart. Blueberry bushes grow to roughly 1 to 2.5 meters tall at full maturity (taking 4 to 5 years). They require between half to a full day of sun planted in a spot protected from high winds if possible. It is also important to protect fruiting bushes from birds with netting. There are many different types of blueberries that vary in size, texture, flavour and fruit at different times in the season. Blueberries can be of the evergreen variety where the leaves remain green in autumn and don't fall off the bush or they can be of the deciduous variety where the leaves do fall off just before winter but turn from dark green to a lively orange or scarlet first.


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- This information has been based on Southern Highbush & Rabbiteye varieties and is only a general guide. Information may differ depending on the type of blueberry and the location it is being grown in.