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For our harvest employees working in the Tabulam region, we provide a guide of accommodation options.

These options range from established businesses, to camping grounds and share houses. Each accommodation provider has been visited by the Mountain Blue team, and vetted to ensure compliance with the local and national requirements for accommodation providers. We aim to ensure our employees have safe, comfortable and fair options for accommodation as much as possible. If you would like to enquire about accommodation, please use the "Contact Us" form. 

If you would like to be considered for the Mountain Blue accommodation guide, you will also need to contact the team through the "Contact Us" section of the website. During the season, the guide will be updated once a month, with all new accommodation providers, or changes to current providers, to be approved by the third week of the previous month.

We strongly encourage that you contact your local council for guidance and information on becoming an accommodation provider.

For our harvest employees working in the Tabulam region, we have also provided a Community Guide. Please see below to download this booklet of information on events, attractions and facilities inthe Tabulam region!

Community Guide

Would you like to be included in our guide?

We would like to give our harvest employees a list of activities, businesses and sporting events in the region. We hope to have around 1000 seasonal employees coming to work at the farm this year and this is a perfect opportunity for you to get in contact with them directly, as they will be viewing this guide when they apply for work with us.

We would like to list the details, such as address and opening hours, of the local business where our employee can purchase fuel, groceries, and the like. You could even provide a special code or offer in the guide, to encourage them to shop with you.

We would also like our employees to stay in the region on their days off and perhaps you would like us to advertise a local attraction, a sporting competition, events such as markets and festivals or tours.

For transport, we do have a lot of employees who come to the region without their own car. Transport appeared to be a big issue last year. Mountain Blue will not be supplying a bus and as such, we have no confirmation of anyone else involved with the harvest offering a bus or bus service, however we welcome your interest – if you would like to either be a driver, or purchase a bus, please get in contact with us.

To get involved, simply complete the "Contact Us" form!