The Blueberry Orchard

Mountain Blue Farms' mission is to be the global leader in the production of the finest blueberry fruit and varieties. Through the pursuit of excellence, we operate in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Mountain Blue Farms is a family owned and operated company, established in 1978, that produce the highest quality blueberry fruit and genetics, along with an extensive nursery and marketing service. We aim to provide domestic and international customers with a consistent supply of quality products through a network of growers.

We seek to be sustainable through innovative production practices, mechanization, and variety improvements. We are a people focused company that affords our team a secure and meaningful environment, whilst providing a platform to give back to the local and international communities we operate in.


Mountain Blue Farms is a wholesale nursery consisting of plantings of both Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye blueberry varieties. These are available to retailers and commercial growers with minimum orders in place. As a supplier, Mountain Blue Farms has blueberry plants and rooted cuttings with a minimum order of 500 plants or rooted cuttings. If you are looking to purchase a smaller amount of plants, please contact your local nursery or one of our nursery partners: Daleys Nursery in Kyogle, NSW, Forbidden Fruits Nursery in Myocum, NSW or Alstonville Garden House in Alstonville, NSW.

Mountain Blue Farms also supplies quality blueberries to retailers across Australia; producing fruit from as early as May through to December. To ensure the highest quality of blueberries are produced, all blueberry picking is all done by hand.

mbo punnet Pickers at Mountain Blue Farms are employed locally when possible, helping to ensure consistency in quality. Orchard maintenance is done throughout the  year to ensure plants are preserved and get the best yields in following years. A full time team is employed to carry out day-to-day jobs including pruning,  spraying and weed control. For further information on employment please Click Here.

 Picking on the farm is for commercial markets including major supermarket chains, both domestic and internationally. The farm's packing shed is export and  domestic quality approved to ensure produce is shipped to markets throughout the world at guaranteed timing and quality.

 The development of early blueberry cultivars has allowed Mountain Blue Farms to fulfil significant market gaps both domestically and internationally.  Markets outside Australia include Asia and Europe. For 25 years, Mountain Blue Farms has been at the forefront in the introduction, assessment and  development of low chill blueberry plants for warmer climates similar to that in Northern NSW and Queensland. New cultivars are propagated and released  to commercial growers and retail nurseries.

 To date, these cultivars are being used in commercial plantations in many locations across the world. The primary aim of the breeding program in Australia has been to develop high yielding cultivars that ship well, but above all, provide a great eating experience for the consumer.