Our Plants

Our Plants

Are you interested in making a purchase with Mountain Blue Farms?

As a supplier, Mountain Blue Farms has blueberry plants and rooted cuttings with a minimum order in place of 500 plants or 500 rooted cuttings. If you are looking to purchase a smaller amount of plants, please contact your local nursery or one of our nursery partners: Daleys Nursery in Kyogle, NSW, Forbidden Fruits Nursery in Myocum, NSW or Alstonville Garden House in Alstonville, NSW.

Where are you located? Quarantine issues restrict Mountain Blue Farms from delivering plants to certain regions in Australia. Mountain Blue Farms currently ships to NSW and Queensland only. If you are in a location that we cannot supply to, please check out the Australian Blueberry Growers Association website: www.abga.com.au for more information and plant suppliers.

Looking to purchase plants outside of Australia? Please submit an enquiry through the methods listed below.

If you are looking to make an order that meets the specifications above, browse through our catalogues for all pricing and variety information, and then submit an order form. A salesperson will be in contact with you to confirm details. If you would like further advice before placing an order, simply email us through the 'Contact Us' option.

The wholesale nursery at Mountain Blue Farms produces approximately one million blueberry plants each year. The plants available are Rabbiteye and Southern Highbush/low chill varieties – all suitable to the warmer climates of Northern NSW and Queensland. All plants are in colour coded containers and grown in soil-less potting mixes.

Are you a commercial grower or nursery/plant supplier looking to purchase blueberry plants? Mountain Blue Farms supplies potted blueberry plants and rooted cuttings. The minimum order for commercial growers is 500 plants or rooted cuttings.