Welcome to the Mountain Blue employee section of the website! 

Here you will find information on the company, on our policies and procedures and also documents that need to be read and agreed to, such as your job description. 


What is Mountain Blue all about? Mountain Blue works towards four different goals:

  • Harvest - Suppling quality and premium blueberries
  • Nursery - Suppling plants to our growing partners, retailers and fellow famers
  • Research and Development - Breeding new varieties to meet the needs of the blueberry industry
  • Marketing - Providing a transparent and well executed marketing program for the farm, and our growing partners 


Mountain Blue Farms' mission is to be the global leader in the production of the finest blueberry fruit and varieties. Through the pursuit of excellence, we operate in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Mountain Blue Farms is a family owned and operated company, established in 1978, that produce the highest quality blueberry fruit and genetics, along with an extensive nursery and marketing service. We aim to provide domestic and international customers with a consistent supply of quality products through a network of growers.

We seek to be sustainable through innovative production practices, mechanization, and variety improvements. We are a people focused company that affords our team a secure and meaningful environment, whilst providing a platform to give back to the local and international communities we operate in.

To view more information for employees:

Company News

Policy of the Month

Employee Forms

Returning Employees

For our returning employees, we require you to update your information before returning to work with us. If you are a returning harvest employee, please follow the steps below to reinstate your employment with Mountain Blue for the purpose of being a picker or packer.

1. Read through the below job description. This will clearly list your pay level and type, your position details, and our expectations of you. The Fair Work Statement outlines your entitlements as an employee in Australia.

Harvest Job Description 2017

Fair Work Information Statement

Please note, we regularly update our harvest procedures and when returning, you will need to complete the onsite induction again to ensure you are up to date!

2. Once you have read the job description, please complete the below form. For all other employees, such as those employed on the nursery team at Lindendale, or the Field Team at Tabulam, please skip step 1 and just complete the below form.

Returning Employee Declaration